The D-Space is a space that could be utilised not only for the fashion designer but innovators  and creatives from different backgrounds.

The D-space was designed for the creative to celebrate not only the greatness of their outcome but also the complexities of the process.


The exhibition space I have designed will allow all the paper work and/or the process of the designer has been through to get to the end outcome to be exhibited. For example, a designer who is confident in the area of tailoring may want to accentuate his/ her way of construction and show off the different techniques, trial and errors they may have been through to get to the final outcome. The overall design of the D-Space is nostalgic of my trend forecasting research of 'Playful space' in subtle ways where the audience will be able to sense it while engaging in the design process and outcome. This also includes the furniture and shape of the space. 

Inventor drawings by Trevor Kerth